Dr. Virginia Newton
online assessments, concussion assessment, virtual neuropsychology


Registered Psychologist

As a Clinical Neuropsychologist, I focus on the connection between brain functioning and thinking skills, emotions, and behaviour. My academic background includes a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and additional specialized training in Neuropsychology, which has allowed me to help clients with a range of medical and psychological conditions.

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When you work with me, we will first complete a session of computerized testing to identify your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Then we will collaborate on a treatment plan that will help improve or maintain your cognitive skills. These skills could include focus and concentration, short-term memory, mental flexibility, impulse control, multitasking, time management, or problem solving. You will be able to use as many sessions as you need to get the most from cognitive training.

I meet with clients on a session-by-session basis, which means that we can discuss problems and possible solutions without rushing. We can also use our sessions to go over the results of a previous psychological or neuropsychological assessment, to determine the next best steps for you.

online assessments, concussion assessment, virtual neuropsychology
Dr. Mollie Schodorf


Registered Psychologist

Juggling the demands of work, family, and health in today's world can be quite challenging and, at times, overwhelming. My goal is to help you gain awareness into the relationship between stress and health, and the tools to improve your quality of life. I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Health Psychology.

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My areas of focus include pain management, headache, chronic illnesses, sports performance, and life transitions that can affect physical health.

In our work together, I use an integrative therapeutic approach to best suit your needs. Cognitive-behavioural therapy and biofeedback can also be used to help you deal with any challenges you might be facing.

I believe in creating a warm and collaborative environment, so that you will feel the most comfortable in taking the steps toward change. Whether you are hoping to better manage your health, or are seeking an avenue to process the stress in your life to simply achieve more balance, I look forward to helping you successfully achieve your goals.

Areas of Expertise

Clinical Consultations, Psychological Assessments, Neuropsychological Assessments, Cognitive Testing and Training, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Individual Psychotherapy.

Improving the connection between physical and mental health.

We work with adults who want to maintain or improve their level of cognitive performance and overall physical health. You may be struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or a medical problem such as concussion, ADHD, pain, stroke, or dementia. Or, you might be in good physical and mental health but want to optimize your level of cognitive functioning to help improve your performance at school, work, or sports.

A clinical assessment will help measure your cognitive strengths and limitations, identify goals for cognitive training, evaluate your health habits, and guide your treatment. Together, we will develop a personalized care plan that might include computerized cognitive training, home-based training, biofeedback/neurofeedback, or individual psychotherapy to help you manage your mental and physical health challenges.

We can also diagnose psychiatric or neurocognitive disorders and provide second opinions. As part of AVA Psychology Group, we collaborate with other Registered Psychologists who provide additional specialized services.

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